Working papers

When Women Take All: Direct Election and Female Leadership (Latest version; CESifo WP)
Awards: SIEP Prize 2022; IIPF Young Economist Honorable Mention 2022

Powers that Be? Political Alignment, Government Formation, and Government Stability (with Felipe Carozzi and Luca Repetto). Conditionally accepted at Journal of Public Economics (Latest version; CESifo WP)

JMP: Gender Gaps in Political Careers: Evidence from Competitive Elections (Latest version; CESifo WP)
Awards: Nominated for the CESifo Distinguished Affiliate Award in Public Economics 2020

Biased Forecasts and Voting: The Brexit Referendum Case (with André Reslow). Reject & Resubmit at The Economic Journal (Latest version; Sveriges Riksbank WP; Uppsala University WP)
Media: The Telegraph (Full article here); RT UK News (video); Citywire Financial Publishers; Brexit Central